Before starting any new exercise system, it is a good idea to consult your doctor.

Taijiquan is no exception!


This is especially the case if you are pregnant, or have:

a hernia

bone fracture

severe osteoporosis

problems with your back, joints or heart



Scientific & medical studies show that Taijiquan can:



blood pressure

blood glucose levels

stress, anxiety & depression

falls in older people

chronic joint pain





motor control

immune system

sense of well being

muscular strength





From a scientific point of view, at least some of the benefits of Taijiquan can be attributed to the improved circulation of well-oxygenated blood, essential to liberate energy at the cellular level within the body.


In traditional Chinese medecine, Qi is the energy resulting from food and a good circulation of blood & air within the body.  In a healthy person, this internal energy Qi flows freely through the various accupuncture meridians.



Bressuire  et Le Breuil Barret:

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     lundi soir 

              de 19h30 à 21h00




    mercredi après-midi

                de 15h00 à16h30   





ALSACE, FR    Avr 2020

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun


PARIS   Mai 2020

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun


DUBLIN    Juin 2020

Camp d'été  avec

Maître WANG Haijun




SURREY, UK    Mar 2020

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun



IRELAND   juin 2019

Summer Camp avec

Maître WANG Haijun


ENGLAND May 2017 

Workshop / Stage avec Maître CHEN Ziqiang


 CHATEAUDUN  mars 2015

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître ZHANG Dongwu


BRESSUIRE  mai 2013

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître CHEN Ziqiang