Taijiquan was created just before the end of the Ming dynasty by Master CHEN Wangting (1600-1680). It originated in Chenjiagou, a small village in the district of Wenxian (Henan Province, China).

Chenjiagou is just North of the Yellow River, about 600 km SW of Beijing.

CHEN Wangting incorporated the principles and philosophy of Chinese medicine, such as the theory of yin & yang, acupuncture meridians and Qi Gong to form a new art which became  known as Taijiquan.


Taiji can be translated as 'supreme ultimate', a reference to the harmonious existence of opposites (yin & yang). Quan means fist, implying a system of boxing.


Taijiquan is therefore a system of boxing utilising the principles of yin & yang.

Nowadays it is  mostly practised for its enjoyment and its  health benefits.



The other four major styles of Taijiquan (Yang, Wu, Hao & Sun) all developed from Chenjiagou Taijiquan



A short history of Taijiquan :



mardi soir :

       : 19h00 - 20h15

       : 20h30 - 21h30



vendredi après-midi :

        : 15h00 - 16h30




PARIS   sep 2018

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun


IRELAND   aout 2018

Summer Camp avec

Maître WANG Haijun



PARIS  mai 2018

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun


ALSACE  avril 2018

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun


PARIS jan2018

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun







ENGLAND May 2017 

Workshop / Stage avec Maître CHEN Ziqiang


 CHATEAUDUN  mars 2015

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître ZHANG Dongwu


BRESSUIRE  mai 2013

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître CHEN Ziqiang