What is the essence of Taijiquan ?


Grand Master Chen Xiaowang:

It is all about the interaction of Yin and Yang and Qi circulation.


Qi, our vital force, is a bit like electricity. It requires a polarity of negative and positive, or Yin and Yang dynamics for it to flow.


The movements of Taijiquan, if executed properly, with correct breath and mind intent, will provide the polarities to activate and maintain the flow of qi to nourish our body and our mind.


Quelle est l'essence du Taijiquan?

Grand-Maître Chen Xiaowang:

Il est tout au sujet de l'interaction du Yin et du Yang et la circulation du Qi.

Qi, notre force vitale, c'est un peu comme l'électricité. Il nécessite une polarité négative et positive, ou Yin Yang et la dynamique de son écoulement.

Les mouvements de Taijiquan, si elle est exécutée correctement, avec le souffle et l'intention correcte esprit, fournira les polarités pour activer et maintenir la circulation du qi pour nourrir notre corps et notre esprit.


(courtesy of Howard Choy)



Grand-Maître Chen Xiaowang:

There is just one principle and three kinds of motion.


The one principle is that the whole body moves together following the Dantien. In every movement the whole-body moves together but the Dantien leads the movement and the whole body must be supported in all directions. This is very important.


The three kinds of motion are

  1. horizontal motion, the Dantien rotates horizontally
  2. vertical motion, the Dantien rotates vertically.
  3. a combination of the first two.

Any movement that is doesn’t follow the principle is a deviation.

When we train, we are trying to find and reduce our deviations from the Taiji principle.


(courtesy of Sam Moor)





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