For the beginning student, the study of Chen style Taijiquan starts quite naturally with the first form of the old frame; in Chinese: Laojia yilu or perhaps a short form based on the postures from Laojia Yilu


These forms link the concepts of yin & yang with postures whose origin lies firmly in the realm of martial arts.


The result is a unique blend of slow, relaxed movements interspersed with those of a rapid but controlled release of directed energy.

Today, many students practise Taijiquan not for its martial aspect, but for the simple pleasure experienced from performing its movements.


For the intermediate and advanced students, Chen family Taijiquan offers a complete syllabus including other 'empty' hand forms such as Canon Boxing.


There are also two-person forms such as pushing hands as well as weapons forms utilising the sword, broadsword, spear, staff ....





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PARIS   sep 2018

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun


IRELAND   aout 2018

Summer Camp avec

Maître WANG Haijun



PARIS  mai 2018

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun


ALSACE  avril 2018

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun


PARIS jan2018

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun







ENGLAND May 2017 

Workshop / Stage avec Maître CHEN Ziqiang


 CHATEAUDUN  mars 2015

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître ZHANG Dongwu


BRESSUIRE  mai 2013

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître CHEN Ziqiang