Biography of Master CHEN Ziqiang


We often speak about family styles of Taijiquan, this is clearly borne out when we consider master Chen Ziqiang as an example:


Master Chen was born in China in 1976 at Chenjiagou village, the birthplace of Taijiquan.

He is a 20th generation member of the Chen family with ancestral roots directly traceable back to the 9th generation master :Chen Wangting, the famous founder of Taijiquan.


His father is Chen Xiaoxing, the principal of the main Taijiquan school in Chenjiagou .

His uncle, Chen Xiaowang, is the current lineage holder of Chen family Taijiquan.

He is the great grandson of the legendary 17th generation grandmaster Chen Fake.



Chen Ziqiang is head instructor and manager of the largest school of Taijiquan in Chenjiagou.


He has competed in, and won, many competitions both in China and abroad.




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