Terry Ryan  :   3rd Duan
Terry Ryan : 3rd Duan


Terry started his Taijiquan journey in 1974, and has had the good fortune to be taught by many excellent teachers:


White Cloud Kung Fu Society

His first teacher, in 1974,  was Keith Alker. He is very grateful to Keith for instilling a continuing love of internal  Chinese martial arts in general and Taijiquan in particular.

He also gave him a practical appreciation of the martial aspects of these arts.


Tse Qigong Centre

In the late 80's he joined the Chen style Taijiquan classes taught by Michael Tse in Manchester to learn Xinjia (New frame) which was developed by Chen Fake.


British Chen Style Tai Chi College

His next teacher was Sue Johnson. It was in her enjoyable classes that he was first introduced to the original form of Chen style Taijiquan:  Laojia Yilu (Old Frame, first form).


Wang Haijun Chen Taiji Academy

He then had the very good fortune to join the classes given by the authoritive 7th Duan

Grand Master Wang Haijun in which he continued to practise Laojia Yilu and, hopefully refine his understanding of Taijiquan. He continues to enjoy very much, the workshops given by Master Wang in Paris, in Alsace and also in Dublin.


Chenjiagou Taijiquan GB

His luck continued when he joined the excellent classes given by  Davidine Sim & David Gaffney. 


They are also co-authors of two very interesting books on Chen style Taijiquan.




Over the years, Terry has attended many enjoyable and informative seminars and workshops; most recently by Davidine Sim & David Gaffney, Zhang Dongwu, Xu Rong, Paul Sniady, Chen Zhenglei, Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing, Chen Ziqiang, Wang Xian, and of course, his teacher :  Grand Master Wang Haijun.

Grand Master WANG Haijun
Grand Master WANG Haijun



One of the many, enjoyable weekends of Taiji with Master WANG in Paris.

These events are organised by M. Pierre MARAIS



Bressuire  et Le Breuil Barret:

Désolé ...mais les séances de Taiji :

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     lundi soir 

              de 19h30 à 21h00




    mercredi après-midi

                de 15h00 à16h30   





ALSACE, FR    Avr 2020

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun


PARIS   Mai 2020

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun


DUBLIN    Juin 2020

Camp d'été  avec

Maître WANG Haijun




SURREY, UK    Mar 2020

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître WANG Haijun



IRELAND   juin 2019

Summer Camp avec

Maître WANG Haijun


ENGLAND May 2017 

Workshop / Stage avec Maître CHEN Ziqiang


 CHATEAUDUN  mars 2015

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître ZHANG Dongwu


BRESSUIRE  mai 2013

Workshop/Stage avec

Maître CHEN Ziqiang